Interestingly enough, many people when asked don’t know what voice over work is or what it even entails. Indeed, when I tell them I’m a Voice Over Talent I’ve gotten quite a few confused looks in response (along with the few who do know who wrinkle their brow and ask, “Really?”, in a doubting tone of voice).

But, the fact is, we all are exposed to it everyday of our lives.

Take a moment and consider this question – how many times a day do you hear a voice attached to a commercial advertisement, a public service/government video, a phone app, a child’s toy, video games, a theme park ride, podcasts, convention videos, grocery/dept. store spot promos, audiobooks, website explainer videos, IVR phone messages, Power Point presentations, film documentaries, etc., etc? The list goes on and on…

Several times I’m certain. In fact, chances are you’ve just heard one in some form right before you read this, and they do come in many forms indeed. Some communications mediums, like podcasts and radio for instance among others, rely completely on voice work and couldn’t exist without it certainly.

But, in today’s modern society with our myriad means of multi-media presentation why isn’t video and/or other visual stimuli enough? Why exactly is it so important to your message to have a voice attached to your visual presentation?

Of course, there is the practical need of a narration to clarify the finer points of your message that video alone cannot accomplish. Even visual presentations with captions, like Power Point, often have those captions voiced to emphasize the point.

No, the more important reason is very simple, the human voice is the quickest and most efficient way to establish a rapport with your listener. Our voices allow us to express nuanced emotions to each other in our daily lives. It’s not any different in the world of business, public service, government, or entertainment either, and their advertised messages would be greatly diminished without the voice over work attached. A properly performed and recorded male or female voice adds the personal touch that appeals to the listener in a more intimate fashion than simple video itself.

Even if it’s only to put a smile on your face for a moment before you turn back to the task at hand because it’s so clever and well done. How many commercial voice over taglines or narrations can you remember? Wasn’t that wilderness expedition/survival show much better with the narration in the background setting the scene?

In fact, people will tolerate mediocre video to the end, but will tune out within seconds if the voice over work isn’t clear, professional, and authentic.

Simply put, Voice Over Artists add Value to your message by establishing a Positive personal connection with your audience – that good feeling of Confidence and Faith in what you’re presenting – that is absolutely essential to your brand.

So, always remember to Give Your Project a Voice!  You’ll be glad you did…

Until next time, friends, be well.