It’s amazing how things in Life can work out sometimes. One minute you’re focused on trying to be successful in a new venture; the next you’ve got a new project in addition to your current one.  I was in the middle of recording The Spartans, and I was hyper-focused on every aspect of the work. Finding the right tone and accent if needed for each quote. Rehearsing them several times before recording and working through the mistakes and pickups during recording. Often completely discarding mastered quotes and starting over because they just didn’t sound or feel right to me.

So, there I was immersed and obsessed with doing this right when I got an email from The Spartans rights holder, Tyler Cunningham, offering me the opportunity to narrate his next audiobook, Daily Military Quotes.

“Hey, you can do this book too. Thanks!” it basically read.

You know that unreal, kind of shocked feeling you get when you receive amazingly great news out of the blue? That was me when I read his email. Obviously, I was happy to get hired for a new voice over job and I shared the news with everyone.
Right on the heels of that joy though, the reality of what came next sank in – I’ve got two audiobooks to complete now and I wasn’t even a quarter of the way through the first one!

I was a little freaked out at first I don’t mind telling you. Daily Military Quotes would be a similar format to The Spartans and that was great. But, these quotes are from all over the world, and would require me to affect so many different accents – British, French, Indian, Asian, etc. Various different dialects from the States too…

But, I calmed down and realized I could do them all and could factor the project into my existing work schedule with little issue. Once I finished The Spartans I just slid right into working on Daily Military Quotes using the same meticulous approach. As with anything I learned what works and what doesn’t by simply doing it. More importantly, the short nature of each quote cemented the editing and mastering techniques in my mind. After both projects were finished I had edited and mastered 665+ quotes. While the amount of time involved doing it hasn’t changed, I’ll never forget how.  In the end, it turned out great.

Opportunities come with new challenges especially in those undertakings that are worthy of doing. These challenges can be daunting. But, if your dream doesn’t challenge you then you’re not dreaming big enough. 🙂

Talk again soon, my friends! Be well…