Back in November of 2016, I had just returned home from Ft. Smith, Arkansas where my Father had lived before his passing that October. I spent the month of October there settling his estate and it was a difficult time as you might expect. My Father and I were very close.

So, when I returned home I needed a project to throw myself into so I could distract my mind, you know? At the time, I felt that I needed more than the shorter, business voice over audio work because I would’ve needed dozens of those to keep me constantly busy. No. I needed to get hired to produce/narrate an Audiobook.

Audiobooks, depending on their length, can take weeks, even months, to produce, edit, and master. A 30,000 word audiobook can take upwards of a month; a 60,000 word book twice that time and so on…

Additionally, each chapter of the book is it’s own separate audio file and requires meticulous editing and mastering. Editing generally refers to proof-listening to the raw audio to make certain it matches the script along with deleting mispronounced words or misread sentences. Mastering is the process of removing any random background and mouth noises and giving the audio that professional, clean sound that is so necessary to the finished product.

Like I said, a LONG project to keep me occupied for a LONG period of time…

Sometimes in Life you happen to turn a corner right into a perfect opportunity right? Well, I had scarcely started my search for audiobooks to audition for when I clicked on the link for Steve Peek’s “Otherworld: Ancient Evidence of Parallel Universes”. I remember liking the title with it’s paranormal implications and the fact that is non-fiction therefore more like a documentary.

What drew me in more was that Mr. Peek wanted his audiobook to be narrated in a BBC style British accent. I tremendously enjoy affecting British accents and the script for “Otherworld” lent itself wonderfully to that rendering. The fact that the paranormal theory behind the work was extremely intriguing was just icing on the cake.  Plus, the book was 65,000 words.

I was like, “This one’s Mine!” and threw myself into submitting a clean audition with my best BBC English accent.

Steve Peek hired me through an email twenty minutes later. 🙂

“Otherworld: Ancient Evidence of Parallel Universes” kept me enthralled in production right up until my granddaugther, Luna, was born in January and by then, let me tell you, everything was all good.  😉

Until next time, my friends, be well…